Losing is Fun

I’ve collected a bunch of Skyrim mods that I’d like to document, mostly so I’ll have a list of all the core-to-me mods, but also to have a place to point my friends when they ask. I’ll try and keep them organized into a couple sections that I’ll briefly go over.

I’ve given up on using Steam’s Workshop for installing mods so these are all Skyrim Nexus Mods. I should also give a shoutout to the Reddit’s Skyrim Mods subreddit.


It seems I’m a fan of complex systems (particularly the emergent story telling that comes from them), and as such, many of my game play mods fall under “Immersion”, “Realism”, and/or “Survivalism”.


While I enjoy a good story, scripted or entropically generated, I also enjoy cinematic visuals. I tend to really have two play styles: role playing, and photo touring.

Some Screenshots

Before I completely bore you, allow me to entice you with a selection of recent random screenshots.

General / UI Mods

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is a must for many of the mods I’ve chosen, and since you’ll be using that, you’ll definitely want to get SkyUI. SkyUI’s Mod Configuration Menu is invaluable.

Personally, I use Nexus Mod Manager, but I’ve considered using Mod Organizer, mostly because of the mod profiles. Also, you’ll want BOSS to help you get your load order sorted (and be sure to pay attention to any errors or warnings). Finally, if (more likely WHEN) Skyrim starts crashing on launch, I found it’s easiest to use TES5Edit. The error messages when it fails to load tend to point to hidden missing mod dependencies.

Game Play Mods

There are a few ways to categorize these, and I’ll try to keep them somewhat related.



General Gameplay

Liven up the Place

Graphic Mods

Character Mods

Make Things Prettier

Make Things More Realistic

Finally… let’s talk about ENB – I’m using the Somber ENB Lut Sepia Preset. Installing ENB presets are somewhat involved, but Gopher has a few good videos about how to get started with them. Here’s Gopher installing the Sharpshooter preset, the process for other ENB Presets will be fairly similar.

Weapons / Armors / Items