22nd Moonstone, 254 – Early Winter

I’ve begun replacing the wooden walls of my outer fortress with granite walls. I don’t know if it truly makes a difference but it makes me feel better. At least the wood can be repurposed into beds and chests.

In other news Cerol Atisadil, the Woodcrafter has withdrawn from society.

Update: He’s created Uburrir Subetlilar, a cedar cup! It’s naturally of the highest quality. It’s decorated with cedar and menaces with spikes of bismuth.

16th Timber, 254 – Late Autumn

We have just completed 64 smoothed bedrooms, with 32 extra rooms already excavated.

I’ve appointed Stukos Lecadber to Manager, he seems to be the only one with any sort of organizational skills among the 57 dwarves. Trying to manage all the workshops in addition to infrastructure planning is making my head spin.

22nd Sandstone, 254 – Mid-Autumn

Migrants have arrived again.

  • Cerol Atisadil the Woodcutter
  • Litast Kubukmeban the Thresher
  • Kosoth Zefonakmam the Animal Trainer
  • Sibrek Asnish the Animal Trainer
  • Atir Kadolazin the Furnace Operator
  • Tekkud Libashfikod the Diagnoser
  • Tulon Ducimotin the Stoneworker
  • Rigoth Zaliszefon the Fisherdwarf
  • And a few more bull calfs and horse foals, etc…

15th Galena, 254 – Late Summer

A human caravan has arrived. We’ll probably trade all our stone crafts for more wood. These beds don’t grow on trees, you know.

I caught a glimpse of another Giant Eagle flying around out there. On one hand, I’m glad it wasn’t us who killed his or her mate, on the other hand, I don’t think the eagle cares who actually did it. I bet all of us dwarves look the same to them anyway.

28th Malachite, 254 – Mid-Summer

Kulet Gusilem the Gem Setter has been possessed. She’s taken up residence in (surprise) the jeweler’s workshop.

It appears we have everything she needs to complete her work, as she’s begun construction on something mysterious. Can’t wait to see Tinhold’s first artifact.

Update: She’s finished. She created Kengtislam, a perfect green tourmaline! It is of the highest quality and is encrusted with green tourmaline.

Between you and me? What a let down.

22nd Felsite, 254 – Late Spring

An elven caravan has come back and I have a bunch of crafts to trade. I’ll have to cross reference the requests from Teltun before I commit to anything with these pointy eared hippies.

While checking out all the items in one of our Finished Goods Bins I noticed Giant Eagle Leather. Ha! It appears one of the guards from the Teltun caravan shot the eagle in it’s lower abdomen with his crossbow. The eagle threw up while the dwarf shot it a couple more times, in the foot and beak, and finished it off with a single hack with is silver axe.

Update: I traded some rock crafts and some of our fallen dwarves’ clothing for some barrels of alcohol and shields/bucklers for Teltun. The elves held out for a couple cut gems and a really nice pig tail cloak, so I picked up a caged tiger.

3rd Slate, 254 – Mid Spring

We’ve finally got some new blood to the fortress.


  • Ustuth Mumakkubuk the Hunter
  • Fath Siknugbesmar the Glassmaker
  • Melbil Akrulobok the Engraver
  • Cilob Zonnoddom the Peasant
  • Bomrek Mistemkab the Gem Cutter
  • Kulet Gusilem the Gem Setter
  • Avuz Monommozib the Mason
  • Thob Rigotherar the Planter
  • Thob Tomemdumat the Planter
  • Kadol Zeglimul the Planter
  • Kadol Akilzuntir the Animal Dissector
  • Zefon Lemullilum the Animal Caretaker
  • Mistem Gesisfikod the Armoror
  • Asmel Kodorlokum, a child
  • Ilral Lavathoddom the Metalcrafter
  • Lokum Oddomadil the Thresher
  • And a bunch of animals.

After counting heads, it appears I’ve missed at least 7 dwarves. I may have to check in with the therapist here shortly.

This latest wave more than doubled my population!

14th Obsidian, 253 – Late Winter

I’ve had stone tables on back order from the mason’s workshop for as long as the workshop has been built and still no tables. I think my mason has been busy excavating and stone hauling.

Fine. Stukos and Kib (previously engravers just from all the smoothing they did) are now masons. Someone is going to make these damned tables.

In other news, the ghost of Urvad has risen and now the fortress has three ghosts. Maybe with Kib in the workshop, I may be able to get some stone coffins made for the fallen, so they can finally be put to rest.