10th Moonstone, 253 – Early Winter

I’ve been noticing a strange apparition near the lake just outside of our fortress. I finally managed to get a good look at it, and the news is grim, dear readers: Mistem Olonamith, Farmer has drowned.

It apparently happened sometime in the spring of 252. I knew I had waited too long to restrict travel over that frozen lake. It’s early winter now, we may have time recover his corpse and belongings.

I should check on the conditions of our farm.┬áMaybe this is why we’ve been running out of food.

253 Trade Agreement with Teltun

Again, in order of priority:

  1. shields/bucklers & scepters
  2. [nothing at level 2]
  3. ammunition, powder & green glass goblets
  4. meat, cut gems, prepared meals, figurines & rock toys

Meanwhile, my broker is busy hauling things, and not trading. If he can’t prioritize, I’m going to have to turn that job off and let him slack off until caravans come around.

20th Limestone, 253 – Early Autumn

I saw a new addition to the corpse pile and had a minor panic attack. I checked it out and it was Erush the Expidition Leader’s Upper Front Tooth.

I checked the combat reports and it appears the giant eagle attacked her. I paged through it a couple times trying to figure out how Erush actually died, but saw no such message.

I checked the unit list, Erush is brewing drinks! Aside from her missing tooth, and a badly scarred arm, she’s totally fine. Her profile says she’s quick to heal, luckily, because I have no hospital set up yet.

3rd Galena, 253 – Late Summer

Smoothing the dining hall is taking all my mason’s time. To expedite things, I’ve assigned stone detailing to at least 10 other dwarves. I’ve also set up a quantum stone stockpile.

My main objection against the quantum stone stockpile is I’m never sure if I’m dumping gems or metal ore. I fixed this buy only dumping the stones that are sitting in the stone stock pile, a sort of Dwarven Stone Filter.

The sasquatch ended up being a big chicken. It ran into the fortress and killed a cat. As soon as the dwarves came up and saw him, he booked it right out. He kept approaching the gate, but ran whenever a he saw a dwarf.

Update: I figured out why the sasquatch ran when he saw dwarves. He attacked a baby and it fought back. He dodged, and ran away, and now probably thinks twice before messing with dwarves.

19th Felsite, 253 – Late Spring

It appears I’ve missed our 2nd anniversary here.

Once we got our hands on that single pick, I was able to double or treble our industry. Our mining crew has finished excavating the dining hall. I set up a massive stone stockpile just to clear out the stone. I’m considering setting up a quantum stone stockpile, but that’s a lot of micromanaging. I’ve ordered the dining hall to be smoothed, while our mason’s workshop should be pumping out tables.

Speaking of workshops, I deconstructed all the workshops and made a new set. I also moved all the stockpiles (except for the stone) to the new below ground storage area. So far it’s working out. I just realized I should set up the food stockpiles to a side room near the dining hall.

An Elven caravan from Avebetha has arrived. I hope they like what we’ve done with the forest.