21st Timber, 252 – Late Autumn

The Teltun traders are back. They had a cheap pick with them. I traded a couple barrels of food for it. I know, after the scarce winter we had, it sounds crazy, but now we can truly strike the earth. I also picked up the blocks I requested from them, I thought it would have been a bit rude to request these guys to drag stone blocks all the way down and not buy any.

Also, I picked up some barrels of dwarven wine and rum. Today was a good day. Tonight will be better.

10th Malachite, 252 – Mid-Summer

I’ve started bed construction, we should hopefully have enough wood for all 17 dwarves. They can finally sleep with something over their heads as well. I’m setting them all up on the second floor in one giant homeless shelter looking room.

More kittens set to be slaughtered. So far none of the kittens I’ve assigned to be slaughtered have made it to the butcher shop, so we’ve got a 0% success rate on that.

We’ve got a fox chasing our loggers around. On that note, I haven’t seen that eagle in while. I wonder if we destroyed his home by chopping down all these trees.