22nd Granite, 252 – Early Spring

Deduk Besmarrashgur the Idiot Woodworker has trapped himself on top of the outer wall during construction of the second floor of the keep.

As funny as that is, that means we’re going to have to put in dwarfhours and resources into constructing a ramp to save his dumb ass.

Also, I misread the trade agreements earlier. Apparently that was what we wanted from them (though the wolf pelts? I don’t know who snuck that rider in). They REALLY want tanned footwear, handwear, cut gems. Also high up on the list is toys, goblets, and thread, followed by cheese. In the next to lowest priority is prepared meals, and plants. I could probably help them out with toys and goblets, but the rest, well… they’re probably out of luck.

Addendum: I still need stone to make toys and goblets. I was wondering why some of the walls and floors looked different. Apparently, I had forgotten I had traded for stone blocks and constructed part of the keep with them. I think I can dismantle the walls but we’ll see.

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  1. Hey,
    just wanted to say that I’m liking this, and you should continue to do it. I like seeing the order in which you attend to things.

    Keep it up

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