24th Slate, 255 – Mid-Spring

More migrants:

  • Urdim Bekarnish the Cheese Maker
  • Nil Lolorkurel the Peasant
  • Likot Uthmikushat the Stonecrafter
  • Ducim Odguboddom the Engraver
  • Nish Risenablel the Miner
  • Reg Athelthortith the Engraver
  • Stinthad Limulost the Dyer
  • Meng Ildomushat the Farmer
  • Atir Teshkadmeng the Carpenter
  • Urvad Rakustimaz the Administrator
  • Vabok Akgosonul the Craftsdwarf
  • Endok Deduknil the Surgeon
  • Edzul Gusilluslem the Soap Maker
  • Avuz Muthkatesesh the Trapper
  • Ber Gusgashiden the Planter
  • Inod Lertethsibrek the Potash Maker
  • Obok Zonmuthir the Gem Cutter
  • Sibrek Thaddodok the Wood Burner
  • Urist Lolokning the Animal Caretaker
  • Stinthad Likotsebir the Metalsmith

I’m going to need to expand the housing level soon.

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    1. Ugh… I know. Typing out their names and occupations is absolutely tedious. I gotta see if I can get Dwarf Therapist or something working with WordPress.

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