24th Slate, 255 – Mid-Spring

More migrants: Urdim Bekarnish the Cheese Maker Nil Lolorkurel the Peasant Likot Uthmikushat the Stonecrafter Ducim Odguboddom the Engraver Nish Risenablel the Miner Reg Athelthortith the Engraver Stinthad Limulost the Dyer Meng Ildomushat the Farmer Atir Teshkadmeng the Carpenter Urvad Rakustimaz the Administrator Vabok Akgosonul the Craftsdwarf Endok Deduknil the Surgeon Edzul Gusilluslem the Soap […]

18th Malachite, 254 – Mid-Summer

More migrants: Dastot Duthalathel the Blacksmith Unib Stakudenor the Bone Doctor Ingiz Mebkivish the Woodworker Tekkud Gebmafol the Gem Cutter Urdim Muthkaterith the Woodcutter Logem Solonikud the Mechanic Eshtan Storlutlorbam the Animal Trainer Kol Rallerteth the Leatherworker Rakust Roderber the Fisherdwarf Momuz Momuzrodem the Weaponsmith

22nd Sandstone, 254 – Mid-Autumn

Migrants have arrived again. Cerol Atisadil the Woodcutter Litast Kubukmeban the Thresher Kosoth Zefonakmam the Animal Trainer Sibrek Asnish the Animal Trainer Atir Kadolazin the Furnace Operator Tekkud Libashfikod the Diagnoser Tulon Ducimotin the Stoneworker Rigoth Zaliszefon the Fisherdwarf And a few more bull calfs and horse foals, etc…

3rd Slate, 254 – Mid Spring

We’ve finally got some new blood to the fortress. Welcome: Ustuth Mumakkubuk the Hunter Fath Siknugbesmar the Glassmaker Melbil Akrulobok the Engraver Cilob Zonnoddom the Peasant Bomrek Mistemkab the Gem Cutter Kulet Gusilem the Gem Setter Avuz Monommozib the Mason Thob Rigotherar the Planter Thob Tomemdumat the Planter Kadol Zeglimul the Planter Kadol Akilzuntir the […]

24th Limestone, 251 – Early Autumn

More migrants (spoiler, no miner): Led Almoshnish the Gem Cutter Ilral Adagkeskal the Woodcrafter Kib Mengmuthkat the Peasant Lolor Othsinnish the Bone Carver Stukos Lecadber the Metalcrafter Olin Toltotetur the Wood Burner Stray Mule Foal, A Horse,  A Bull Calf, Dakost Keskalkamuk the Kitten I watched these poor souls walk onto the map and stand […]

27th Malachite, 251 – Late Summer

Migrants have arrived! Unfortunately, not a miner in the lot. Nothing be extra mouths to feed to be honest. Mistem Olonamith the Farmer Unib Rithakum the Dyer Momuz Dodukunal the Armorer Kadol Kolkirar the Tanner Monom Ralsacat the Cook And some animals: A horse and Mafol Onulsherik (a puppy) That horse is going to be […]