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  1. I’m only on my second fort, but i’ve noticed that I do some things differently than other people when starting out. First thing I do is dig out some rooms (meeting hall, stockpile, farm) and build a door. that way everyone is safely inside and i can lock the door if goblins come by. A military is the last thing i’ve worried about because it’s usually only goblins that stroll by, and I can wait them out.

    In a lot of screen shots I have seen people building out above ground to begin with. Is there an advantage to this?

    1. To be honest this is the first time I’ve had to do anything above ground. Normally, the first thing I dig out is a giant stockpile and underground farm room. It helps the miners with their skills to just tear through soil like that.

      I think one advantage to doing above ground is all the constructed walls and floors add value early on and increase your chances of migrants.

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