3rd Slate, 254 – Mid Spring

We’ve finally got some new blood to the fortress.


  • Ustuth Mumakkubuk the Hunter
  • Fath Siknugbesmar the Glassmaker
  • Melbil Akrulobok the Engraver
  • Cilob Zonnoddom the Peasant
  • Bomrek Mistemkab the Gem Cutter
  • Kulet Gusilem the Gem Setter
  • Avuz Monommozib the Mason
  • Thob Rigotherar the Planter
  • Thob Tomemdumat the Planter
  • Kadol Zeglimul the Planter
  • Kadol Akilzuntir the Animal Dissector
  • Zefon Lemullilum the Animal Caretaker
  • Mistem Gesisfikod the Armoror
  • Asmel Kodorlokum, a child
  • Ilral Lavathoddom the Metalcrafter
  • Lokum Oddomadil the Thresher
  • And a bunch of animals.

After counting heads, it appears I’ve missed at least 7 dwarves. I may have to check in with the therapist here shortly.

This latest wave more than doubled my population!

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