22nd Felsite, 254 – Late Spring

An elven caravan has come back and I have a bunch of crafts to trade. I’ll have to cross reference the requests from Teltun before I commit to anything with these pointy eared hippies.

While checking out all the items in one of our Finished Goods Bins I noticed Giant Eagle Leather. Ha! It appears one of the guards from the Teltun caravan shot the eagle in it’s lower abdomen with his crossbow. The eagle threw up while the dwarf shot it a couple more times, in the foot and beak, and finished it off with a single hack with is silver axe.

Update: I traded some rock crafts and some of our fallen dwarves’ clothing for some barrels of alcohol and shields/bucklers for Teltun. The elves held out for a couple cut gems and a really nice pig tail cloak, so I picked up a caged tiger.

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